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Business Coach | Author | Speaker | Trainer

Kate Meiner  has a passion and personal mission to influence, inspire and impact the lives of others.  And to help others find their own path to success.  She leads a top real estate franchise,  an organization of over 170 independent business owners, teaching the self-employed to think like business owners and run their businesses like businesses. She has a passion for coaching, training, and developing leaders in the world of business.  


Kate believes that resourcefulness is the most underrated skill in today's business environment and that sparked her mission to write the book Figure it Out - how to harness the power of resourcefulness and achieve success!  Which teaches each reader the five foundational trait skills which are crucial in the journey to becoming a master of resourcefulness.  


Kate resides in a small town, just west of Orlando, with her husband Tim and daughter Logan.  

Life is either a

     daring adventure, 

             or nothing at all